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TelecoIPO Version Change Summary

3/24/2012 TelecoIPO V4.0
    * Added a modern tab based dial pad interface with native integration to the Android Contact List for dialing selections. The new tabbed interface allows a user to specify a default tab at startup so TelecoIPO can be used as the primary phone dialing interface enabling call-by-call selection to Dial via Office or Dial Directly via the Android phone bypassing the office system. The Dial pad now includes two dialing buttons... one for Dial via Office and one for Direct Dial.

8/27/2011 TelecoIPO V3.1
    * This version corrected an issue which prevented users of Android OS 2.1 from fully leveraging the Dial Via Office feature of TelecoIPO. Thank you to Mark Carter from Lawrence Companies in Virginia for identifying this issue!

8/26/2011 TelecoIPO V3.0
    * Added support for the Callback Request feature of Avaya IP Office. Some mobile service providers offer "free" incoming calls with select service plans. This feature allows a user with such a service plan to minimize airtime expenses by requesting a callback from Avaya IP Office in order to initiate communication between an Android device and the Communication Manager. 

3/27/2011 V2.0
    * Published to the Android Market. This version added native support for click-to-dial from the Android Contact List using the Find Contact button with the Dial Via Office function of TelecoIPO.
2/7/2011 V1.0
    * Published to the Android Market. At the time of publication, TelecoIPO was the only application on the market designed for purpose to work specifically with the Avaya IP Office system. When searching the term, Avaya, on the Android Market, there was only one other result... TelecoAV created by CALECO Ventures to work with Avaya Communication Manager.