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Thank you for your interest in TelecoCS1K by CALECO Ventures. TelecoCS1K is available for purchase on the Android Market. The application has been designed for Android 4.1 and is believed to be compatible with all versions of Android 2.0 through 4.x.
TelecoCS1K is intended for use with Avaya / Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS1K) to enable remote control of Mobile Extensions (Mobile X), and other remote access features accessible via CS1K Flexible Feature Codes (FFC).

Specific features that are currently supported include configurable feature access numbers and access buttons for:
Please note that the CS 1000 system requires system administrator configuration prior to using some features of TelecoCS1K by CALECO Ventures with your Avaya / Nortel CS 1000. Your system administrator must ensure that the required FFCs are administered to exclude the use of the pound / hash "#" symbol due to a limitation that prevents Android applications from sending the pound/hash "#" symbol in-band. It may be necessary for your system administrator to change FFCs to take advantage of the full capabilities of TelecoCS1K with Avaya / Nortel CS1000. In order to use this application to the fullest capability, it is necessary to ensure that all required dial strings/FFCs do not include the pound/hash "#" symbol. If there is a requirement for the "#" symbol in a dial string, it will be necessary to enter it directly via the dialpad during each call.

Thank you for your interest!