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TelecoAV Version Change Summary

3/21/2012 TelecoAV V4.0
    * Added a modern tab based dial pad interface with native integration to the Android Contact List for dialing selections. Added new support for many more Avaya Communication Manager Feature Named Extensions (FNEs). The new tabbed interface allows a user to specify a default tab at startup so TelecoAV can be used as the primary phone dialing interface enabling call-by-call selection to Dial via Office or Dial Directly via the Android phone bypassing the office system. The Dial pad now includes two dialing buttons... one for Dial via Office and one for Direct Dial.

8/27/2011 TelecoAV V3.0
    * Added support for the Callback Request feature of Avaya Communication Manager. Some mobile service providers offer "free" incoming calls with select service plans. This feature allows a user with such a service plan to minimize airtime expenses by requesting a callback from Avaya Communication Manager in order to initiate communication between an Android device and the Communication Manager. This release also corrected an issue which prevented users of Android OS 2.1 from fully leveraging the Dial Via Office feature of TelecoAV.

3/27/2011 TelecoAV V2.0
    * Added native support for Android Contact List for click-to-dial via Avaya Communication Manager from Android Contacts. Allows selection of all standard Android Telephone entry options including Work, Main, Mobile, Car, Home, Assistant, Company Main, ISDN, MMS, Other, Pager, Radio, Telex, TTY-TDD, Work Mobile, Work Pager, and Custom. This new feature uses an Android OS feature which became available in Android OS Version 2.0 (Eclair). This update is not compatible with previous versions of the Android Operating System. Upon request, CALECO Ventures can make TelecoAV V1.3 available for users who require support for a pre-Android 2.0 version. However, TelecoAV V1.3 does not include the Contact List feature. Please contact us directly if you require TelecoAV for use with Android OS prior to Version 2.0 so we can accomodate your request.
2/28/2011 TelecoAV V1.3
    * Added Dial Plan option settings to configure ARS codes and support Dial via Office for:
        - Extension
        - Local
        - Long Distance
        - International
*** TelecoAV V1.2 was never deployed due to feedback from the trial community. It was intended to incorporate direct dialing from the Android Contact List. The capability can be provided but the feedback was that it was irritating because it intercepts the dialing attempt from the Android contact list in order to ask the user whether they want to dial with the native Android dialer or the TelecoAV Dial via Office feature. This is a native function of the Android Operating system and cannot be avoided without the user selecting to bypass the option as far as we can tell which basically defeats the purpose of the option. Please feel free to provide feedback via e-mail if you would like to see this feature so we can prioritize if it is something really desired.
12/18/2010 Teleco AV V1.1
    * Enhanced telephone number entry fields to use telephone dialing pad instead of full keyboard, which delivers improved efficiency, eliminating the requirement for multiple key presses to get to the numeric keyboard to enter telephone number and numeric settings.
    * Changed "Idle Appearance Select" button to "Call via Office Phone" based on user feedback to employ more user friendly terminology.
    * Added dialog box to allow user to enter telephone number to be called using the "Call via Office Phone" button to improve efficency in dialing.
12/12/2010 Teleco AV V1.0
    * Introduced to the Android Market