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Thank you for your interest in TelecoAV by CALECO Ventures. TelecoAV is available for purchase on the Android Market - Google Play. The application has been designed for Android 4.1 and is believed to be compatible with all versions of Android 2.0 through 4.x. Previous releases of TelecoAV were compatible with Android OS 1.5 and later. If you require TelecoAV for pre 2.0 Android Operating System, please contact us directly for further assistance.
TelecoAV is an Android based application, which is intended for use with Avaya Communication Manager, to enable Android support for remote access features such as EC500, Send Calls, Redial, and various call appearance remote access options. The application also includes buttons for quick access to Avaya one-X Speech and Avaya Meeting Exchange conference hosting. Your administrator(s) for Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya one-X Speech, and Avaya Meeting Exchange must administer the desired features prior to using TelecoAV by CALECO Ventures in order to make this application useful for the intended purpose.
Specific features that are currently supported include configurable feature access numbers and access buttons for the following Features:
* Dial Via Office
* EC500 (Simultaneous Ringing on office and mobile phones, Twinning)
* Whisper Paging
* Office Voice mail Access
* Direct Access to Audio Conference Bridges such as Avaya Aura Conferencing Server and/or Meet-me Conferencing Features
* Send Calls (Do not Disturb)
* Active / Idle / Held Call Appearance Selection
* Redial last number dialed on office phone
* Request Callback
* Conference Features
* Transfer Features
* Conditional Extend Calls
* Exclusion for enhanced privacy
* Park and Pickup Calls
* Malicious Call Trace Activation
* Priority Calling
* Transfer to Voice mail