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LinkedIn Promotion

Thank you for connecting with us from LinkedIn! CALECO Ventures provides Android applications that work with business communication systems.

CALECO Ventures has savvy business users from more than 30 countries worldwide using our Android apps which work with Avaya communication servers. These people know a good deal when they see it and have chosen to purchase CALECO Ventures apps to leverage the capabilities of the industry leading Avaya platforms such as Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Avaya Communication Server 1000, and Avaya IP Office to reduce their telecommunications expenses and enhance their productivity. You can get these benefits too! Simply choose your path to more information from our variety of Android apps below or drop us a note to help us understand how we can better meet your business needs through a custom Android app designed to address your specific business requirements. Of course, you can also find information about us from leading information sources on the web such as Google Play, PC World (though their review is a bit dated because of our ongoing version updates), Android Zoom, and many others. You don't have to take our word for it. Google our brand and see what we mean. We know that there are others who offer "free" apps that claim some of the capabilities we have to offer but our customers continue to vote with their wallets. You can rest assured that we are not just harvesting your contact information when you download our apps because we have a sustainable business model that will deliver the value that you need for your business communication requirements by using our Android apps for Avaya communication servers:

Learn more by checking out our home page or dive directly in to details about the application that interests you by clicking on the Avaya communication system above.
Contact us for discussion about customizing our applications to promote your brand in the Android market space if you are a reseller of Avaya communication systems compatible with our applications.