Cannot Purchase via Google Play Store? CALECO Ventures can help.

It has come to our attention that some mobile providers and/or geographic locations do not provide access to the Android Market on the Google Play Store for purchase of paid Android Applications. CALECO Ventures offers alternative solutions to enable access to our applications. For these situations, please e-mail us providing the IMEI number for your Android device and state the specific application you would like to purchase (TelecoAV, TelecoCS1K, TelecoIPO). We will create a hardware based key with application package to provide so you can install our application directly on your device. This will mate the application to this specific Android device. Use of this form of application installation is not authorized for more than one Android device per IMEI. Under normal circumstances, each Android device has a unique IMEI.
In most cases, the IMEI can be determined by typing *#06# on your Android device. This customized installation approach requires advance payment of $40 US per application for each IMEI activated. Payment via Google Checkout is accepted. This payment is non-refundable. We welcome any questions prior to purchase to ensure that our application will meet your needs.